Practice Management & Medical Billing | MDLand

Electronic Billing & Payment Posting

The powerful iClinic® claim processing engine allows you to electronically submit claims to almost any payer and plan in the country. You will receive instant claim status updates and payments will be electronically posted on your account - on an average of 1 to 2 weeks.

It also provides effective tools to manage rejected or denied claims. With a simple click, you may easily re-submit claims for reprocessing.

Patient Registration & Scheduling

The web-based scheduling allows for the easy creating and tracking of patient appointments from any location for multiple providers with just a single click.

The intuitive patient registration process brings the digital experience to you and your patients – from picture-taking, ID scanning, electronic signing, to automatic insurance eligibility checking.

Document Management

The iClinic® Document Manager is a centralized repository for all patient documentation such as lab results, digital images, consultation letters, immunization records, forms, and more.

Easily organize your own online documents as you would with your paper files. Files can be scanned, uploaded, and stored for later access. Scaling is easy and we can help meet the needs of any size facility.

MACRA/MIPS & Meaningful Use

MDLand is proactively taking the lead to achieve both federal and state requirements toward MACRA/MIPS and meaningful-use. Without alternating your existing workflow and adding extra administrative burdens, the iClinic® EHR captures information at the point of care and contributes it to the appropriate clinical quality measures.

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