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MDLand's digital health mobile products ensure that your patients receive the best possible care. Whether you're a primary care physician, specialist, or other healthcare provider, MDLand's digital health mobile products are the perfect solution for managing your patients' health. 


iClinicHealth® is a cross-platform mobile app that provides patients with easy access to their healthcare providers. With our app, patients can view their medical history, prescriptions, doctors' information, physical locations and book appointments right from their phones wherever and whenever.


iClinic®Anywhere is an easy-to-use, secure and HIPAA-compliant application developed for the Apple iPhone and Android devices. It seamlessly integrates patient scheduling, inbox messages, lab & imaging results, e-prescription and so much more!


iClinic® Office is a convenient HIPAA-compliant iPad application developed specifically for medical offices. It integrates patient sign-in, scheduling, customizable medical forms, inbox messages, lab & imaging results, e-prescriptions, and more! With this convenient mobile app deployed in the waiting room and exam rooms, you can seamlessly capture patient pictures, form signatures, medical history questionnaires and vital sign information that are then automatically integrated into your iClinic® EHR application.

iClinic®Office Pal

iClinic® Office Pal allows you to send SMS messages to your patients, prompting them to fill out forms and check in via their mobile apps once they arrive at your office. Communicate more efficiently with your patients to reduce their wait time in your clinic.

Patient Engagement 2.0

Patient Engagement is now a critical component of providing high-quality care. With Patient Engagement 2.0, you can actively engage with your patients and improve overall patient satisfaction. Our messaging platform allows you to communicate appointment reminders, lab results, and follow-ups via text message. By using our platform, you can keep your patients informed and connected, even when they're on the go. With iClinic®, you can streamline your patient engagement strategy and offer more personalized care.  


MDLand's telehealth, integrated within iClinic® EHR, enhances the way patients and providers connect by increasing access to care. Our HIPAA-compliant solution ensures a comprehensive experience by offering a one-stop solution within the EHR platform. From scheduling and consultations to diagnosis, treatment, care management, and self-management, providers can effortlessly deliver improved quality of care and patient outcomes. Telehealth empowers providers to meaningfully engage with patients, delivering essential healthcare safely and conveniently from the comfort of their homes with scheduling flexibility, all while maintaining their practice's clinical workflow.  

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