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E-Order, Lab, and Imaging

Order labs directly from the iClinic® Comprehensive EHR. You may customize your lab/image order panel, be notified for abnormal results, and keep track of trending lab data. Conveniently share the lab and imaging results with your patients through iClinic® patient portal, or iClinicHealth mobile app.


MDLand is a proud partner of major lab corporations and many more.

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Hospital and RHIO/HIE Interface

iClinic® Comprehensive EHR adapts the latest technologies to enable healthcare interoperability. By using the industry standards, iClinic® is able to connect hospitals, local or state RHIOs or HIEs, and more.

What’s more, with the real-time clinical notification, you are able to instantly receive information about your patients’ hospital admission, or discharge summary.


Immunization and Public Health Registries

MDLand is proud to promote public health by supporting a broad selection of electronic interfaces with both state and local government health agencies, including immunization registries, cancer registries, syndromic surveillance, case reporting, and etc.