Population Health | MDLand

Quality Management

Maximize quality improvement in conjunction with MDLand’s next generation iClinic® EHR and the integration of HEDIS® measures. Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) offers insight on measure compliance, and enables you to easily detect care gaps, provide intervention, and keep track of your patient care quality.

Utilization Management

The iClinic® Population Health platform provides various easy-to-understand reports on utilization by benchmarking historical and financial information, along with valuable clinical data.

Risk Management

The iClinic® Population Health platform provides an effective way to identify rising risk, and actively manage risk via real-time clinical event notifications.

Care Management

Care Management is an important factor of population health management to encourage patient self-management and to reduce overall healthcare costs. With MDLand’s iClinicHealth app, patients can track their own health progress, medications, appointments, and health records. Physicians can keep track of a patient’s progress to provide more effective care.