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MDLand Announces the Launch of the CoCM Module for Behavioral Health Integration into a Primary Care Setting

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released new codes and guideline information on Behavioral Health Integration Services with the goal to address physician understanding and better meet provider needs regarding behavioral health.

In supporting CMS’s new guidelines for behavioral health integration, MDLand, a leading provider of healthcare technology, introduced the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) module within their iClinic® her which integrates primary care and behavioral health to help physicians treat a patient holistically. The CoCM team is composed of a primary care physician, a behavioral health care manager, and a psychiatric consultant working together on patient health.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, the focus on behavioral health has become increasingly important given the increased awareness and openness of mental health and the more holistic approach to treating it. With the behavioral health space focused on improving care coordination and communication, increasing adherence and enhancing interoperability, MDLand developed the CoCM module to help physicians better treat their patients along the care continuum and to increase revenue opportunities. Monthly reimbursement potentials average $154 per patient per month, over three times the reimbursement rate for general BHI treatments.

“We are pleased to develop new technology to improve the healthcare experience for patients,” said James Long, CEO and co-founder of MDLand. “MDLand is dedicated to creating a more comprehensive and innovative healthcare solution.”

MDLand’s iClinic® CoCM module empowers its providers by centralizing all care notes, treatments, and prescriptions under one patient profile, reducing redundancies, promoting ease of use, and improved cared coordination for enhanced patient care and outcomes and higher reimbursements.

About MDLand:
MDLand International (MDLand) is a leading innovative health information technology company based in New York, providing cloud-based certified electronic health records, practice management systems, clinical connectivity and integration, and a population health platform to practices and healthcare organizations.