MDLand Unveils Their Latest Addition, Medical Scribe, to Effortlessly Convert Conversations into Clinical Notes with AI

MDLand is excited to introduce its newest solution – Medical Scribe. This ambient AI tool is designed to capture interactions with patients in real-time and improve documentation efficiency for physicians. Integrated with MDLand’s EHR platform, iClinic®, physicians can easily tailor their clinical notes to their practice’s workflow all in one place. Medical Scribe also possesses a unique feature that creates a list of applicable ICD-10 codes for each patient’s conversation, simplifying the billing processes for physicians.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, physicians strive to deliver high-quality care to their patients and address all their needs. However, documenting notes for each patient and entering them into their EHR system poses a significant challenge for many physicians to achieve this goal. This is because it is a time-consuming task that increases administrative workload, lowers their practice’s operational efficiency, and prevents them from focusing on their patients. With an innovative AI solution, physicians can overcome barriers affecting their practice’s success by automating documentation processes for more effective care delivery and increasing revenue growth.

Key Benefits:

• Increases Patient and Physician Satisfaction: With Medical Scribe, physicians can be empowered to focus more on their patients, improving their healthcare experience while gaining a sense of fulfillment for serving their needs.

• Alleviates Administrative Burden: The Medical Scribe generates clinical notes from discussions with patients and allows physicians to modify the notes (if necessary), without having to enter the data into the EHR system.

• Saves Time Spent on Note-Taking: Leveraging MDLand’s AI tool reduces 75% of a practice’s time on documentation, allowing physicians to prioritize their patients’ conditions.

• Streamlines Operational Workflow: Medical Scribe allows physicians to conveniently travel from one room to another, increasing the number of patients they can see each day and obtaining optimal health outcomes.

Reduces Physician Burnout: Converting conversations into clinical notes allows physicians to spend less time on closing charts and entering data, enabling physicians to maintain their well-being. From enhancing patient experiences to unlocking new revenue opportunities for clinics, the Medical Scribe solution is designed to help physicians achieve healthcare success. Rajavelu Dharmaraj, Chief Operating Officer from Hudson MD Group, a multispecialty medical practice located in New Jersey, expressed his satisfaction with Medical Scribe’s performance. He stated, “Medical Scribe has improved our practice’s operational efficiency and allowed our physicians to focus more on their patients, achieving promising results.”

With its unique features, Medical Scribe enhances documentation processes by improving note-taking accuracy and reducing inefficiencies. Rumpa Giri, Chief Technology Officer at MDLand, said “MDLand is more than thrilled to be leveraging the power of AI and addressing the current obstacles impacting physicians’ ability to deliver quality care to their patients. The development of Medical Scribe is evidence of MDLand’s unwavering commitment to enhancing practices’ operations, reducing administrative burden, and combatting physician burnout.”

Crafted to meet the diverse needs of physicians, MDLand aims to empower them with the tools needed to prioritize patient care and improve their healthcare performance. With a press of a button, MDLand’s Medical Scribe seamlessly records and transcribes physicians' conversations with patients, ensuring that the notes are precise throughout the process. Physicians can spend more time focusing on their patients and enhancing their quality of care as the ambient AI tool simplifies their practices' operations.

About MDLand: As a leading digital health technology company, MDLand is dedicated to creating solutions that enhance patient and physician experiences in healthcare. MDLand’s state-of-the-art population health and practice management systems streamline clinical workflows, enhance care quality, improve patient outcomes, and increase revenue opportunities for practices. By offering advanced technologies, MDLand will continue to focus on eliminating barriers impacting healthcare providers and refine their practices.