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Clinical Quality Improvement Meeting for ECAP IPA Physicians

November 20, 2018

Flushing, NY --- MDLand International (MDLand), a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Population Health IT Platform company, and Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA, INC., a leading independent physician organization had a successful meeting for the IPA physicians on the topics of improvement in clinical quality, streamlining participation in the value-based case and payment models and closing the patient care gap with the iClinic VBP. The opportunity to interact with the providers who utilize MDLand’s iClinic platform on a day to day basis provided a forum for exchanging experiences, discussing Users’ needs and providing insights into the developments in the iClinic EHR platform to address the evolving payment and policy landscape.

The Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA, Inc. ("ECAP") is a physician owned and operated independent practice association established in 2004 that is comprised of more than 275 physicians and serve an estimated 190,000 Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries within the Chinese communities throughout New York City in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. ECAP's physician network is comprised of primary care physicians as well as specialist physicians in all areas of medicine to provide a full spectrum of care to beneficiaries. ECAP’s mission is to meet patients' healthcare needs, with the goals of simultaneously improving health, promoting positive patient experiences and reducing per capita costs.

MDLand International (MDLand), a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR), Population Health and Clinical Integration company has been working closely with community providers and healthcare organizations, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), DSRIP, Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Management Services Organizations (MSOs), Public Health Agency, and Payors. MDLand’s expanded iClinic solutions help practices and healthcare organizations by reducing administrative burdens, improving health qualities, and achieving better outcomes in transition to the value-based healthcare.

There is a clear vision on the part of ECAP IPA in encouraging its providers to adopt and achieve meaningful use of certified electronic health record (EHR) for practice coordination, while driving interoperability as the use of EHR will ultimately streamline and improve patient care by allowing physicians to easily share information and minimize unnecessary tests and procedures. Shared interest has provided avenues where MDLand’s iClinic EHR can streamline and improve patient care by enabling the physicians not limited to ECAP IPA to easily share information, reduce overall healthcare costs, and disparities through accurate identification of high-risk populations and proactively managing diseases in their early stages.

MDLand continues to strive to provide an all-around EHR that supports current and future advances in the medical field, to provide providers with the holistic approach of patients’ health so they can fully contribute to comprehensive, patient centered care. MDLand’s iClinic VBP platform is the latest example of these efforts, where core features enable physicians to granularly monitor and visualize quality scores, stratify performance by patient attributes and closing the patient care gap there and then.