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RPM & CCM Module Features

These built-in features will ensure you can improve your patients’ care, meet all necessary requirements and receive your reimbursement.

Patient Consent & Enrollment

Patient signs consent forms on the iPad app and can then be enrolled in the program directly from the portal.

Automatic Time Tracking

Time spent reviewing data is automatically tracked so you don't have to worry about the reporting requirements.

CMS Incentive Programs

Increase your revenue by participating in CMS better reimbursement programs by providing better care to your patients.

Optimized Office Workflow

Use our iClinic®EHR in combination with CCM/RPM to save time on tedious administrative tasks, and maximize your reimbursements.

Built-in Electronic Billing

Once the time requirement is met, a claim is automatically generated and submitted.

Patient Communication

Message patients with a few clicks, without having to navigate away from the portal


Patients with Chronic Illnesses.

MDLand’s CCM Module focuses on patients with two or more chronic illnesses. See why this module is right for you.

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In 2015, CMS introduced the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program to pay providers for delivering non-face-to-face care to Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions.

In 2017, CMS enhanced the CCM program by introducing three new CCM billing codes to offer providers more financial reimbursement opportunities for providing chronic care management services.

In 2018, CMS introduced new codes to reimburse providers for remote monitoring of patient generated data:

      • CPT Code 99490 for CCM Services

      • CPT Code 99487 for Complex CCM Services

Chronic Care Management Portal

MDLand provides a web-based CCM portal to seamlessly enroll patients, develop and manage care plans, monitor patient health and productively complete the necessary documents.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenue

CMS offers a reimbursement of $58 per patient per month, which is up to $696 per patient per year.

Engage Your Patients

Actively engage your patients in their care and develop closer relationships.

Reduce Administrative Burdens

Easily track and monitor patients with no hassle. You can enroll new patients, view data on the dashboard and update care plan with only a few clicks.

Quality Management Made Easy

CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) offers a high rating for patient generated data which will greatly improve your MACRA score and value-based payments.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Collect. Monitor. Bill.

See how MDLand’s RPM Module can ease your way into better patient care.

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Remote patient monitoring allows patients to be involved in their health, right from the comfort of their own homes. In the beginning of 2018, CMS released CPT code 99091, allowing providers to get reimbursed separately for their time spent analyzing patient generated data.

Reimbursements & Requirements.


Per Patient Per Month (PPPM)

CCM Service


Per Patient Per Month (PPPM)

Complex CCM Service


Per Patient Per Month (PPPM)

RPM Service

* CCM Service per patient per month for at least 20 minutes of service.
* Complex CCM Service per patient per month for at least 60 minutes of service.
* RPM Service per patient per month for at least 20 minutes of service.