MDLand’s iClinic® EMR is a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.  A SaaS model shifts the burden of technology to the vendor so that you and your office staff can have worry-free access to your data anywhere at anytime. A SaaS model also means low initial and ongoing costs – MDLand has one of the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) of any EMR vendor.

Unlike other EMR companies that are moving from Client Server to SaaS, MDLand has maintained a SaaS platform since it was founded in 1999. As one of the pioneers of web-based EMR technology we offer a stable, secure and time-tested clinical environment. Our EMR is compatible with most web browsers and operating platforms. We host all data and there are no servers, applications or software to install.

SaaS Client Server
Shifts liability of data loss to the Vendor Customer is responsible for data protection
99.99% uptime Potential for downtime
Access your data anywhere at anytime No remote access
Fast and easy feature enhancements, upgrades and bug fixes High maintenance fees and time-consuming updates
Low setup costs High setup costs, including hardware
Low ongoing IT costs High ongoing IT costs