Medical Billing

With iClinic® Billing Solutions claims are automatically generated upon checkout. Using information from patient registration and documentation from the office visit, a claim can be generated with just a single click. Submit claims electronically within 30 seconds and receive updated status alerts within 48 hours.

A powerful time-saving solution:

  • Electronic submission to over 1,000 insurance companies
  • Real-time electronic eligibility checks
  • Electronic posting of Explanation of Benefits
  • Track claims and follow up on denials
  • Includes hospital in-patient billing

MDLand also serves as one of the biggest regional medical claim processing clearinghouses with electronic links into Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, as well as over 1,000 national and local payers and plans. MDLand is a certified software vendor and authorized billing service provider for National Government Service (NGS), Empire Medicare, GHI Medicare, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and NYS Medicaid. MDLand processes millions of claims annually and over 90% of them are receivable.